By Road

  • A variety of vehicles from Harley Davidsons to Lamborghinis have arrived at Moravola, on our gravel road.

    The major cities of Perugia and Arezzo are nearby as are the many medieval hill towns and villages of Gubbio and Assisi, Anghiari, Sansepolcro and Montefalco.

    This is the land of Piero della Francesca and Perugino, Opera Orvieto and Umbria Jazz, The Montone Film Festival and numerous local costumed and seasonal festas. Whether culture, gastronomy or shopping, we enjoy planning outings and unusual trattorias and restaurants to combine with the local festas.

  • Must see
    • The sunset over the olive groves while the fireflies compete with the stars
    • The architectural purity of the Palazzo dei Consoli in Gubbio
    • An open air Umbrian Jazz concert
    Must do
    • Have a body wrap of Umbrian Clay then a heavenly herbal massage
    • Buy Pecorino cheeses while experiencing the picturesque market
    • The nights of San Lorenzo when the skies glow with meteors and our guests wish on each one
    Must buy
    • Hand-woven linen from Tela Umbra and Busatti in Citta di Castello
    • The rich Sagrantino wines of Montefalco
    • Hand painted ceramics from Deruta